Photograph courtesy of Sam Lloyd

9000 stitches to complete a full circle, is a stop motion video composed of a little over 9000 images. Photographing a single hand stitch at a time, this video documents my journey researching the complicated textile industry. This work attempts to detangle the tightly knit problems of the global textile industry, and explore the intersectional issues of class and environment.

9000 stitches is the start of a campaign, calling for change.

I'm campaigning for the working class and the Global South; and others that have no choice. I am standing for the independent companies, and researchers creating better ways to make and dispose of our products. For the protesters, and organisations shining light on this global unfairness. 

I am fighting for fair legislation change, to ensure producers are held accountable. I will fight for better production, honesty, and simplicity, and I ask you to stand with me in this fight where together we state that enough is enough.


I'm campaigning for global change, and I'm fighting against global injustice.