Photograph courtesy of Sam Lloyd

Deep in the forest of Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire once stood a 30ft wooden sculpture, lovingly known as the Giant’s chair.Over thirty years later, the chair’s story lives on, told through the eyes of artist, Flora Bucket and the mystery she uncovered.The chairs life was shrouded in secrets, and the mystery of its origins unknown. Through intense research and exploration, the hunt for the Giant began.Discovering the creator, Robert Jakes and reconnecting him with the past, only to discover the Giant’s Chair was in fact, the gold covered “Twig Throne”.
This Is a current, working project. A documentary style video has been created, sharing some of the research.Additionaly, a 30ft soft sculpture was created as a comment on fading memories and the chair’s demise. This large scale piece was exhibited at the University of Chichester in the Fine art BA (Hons) degree show in June 2021. It was then exhibited in the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth 2021, before being placed in Queen Elizabeth Country park. Here It presently lies, hidden in the forest, slowly decomposing. 
A special Thankyou to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for all their help and support throughout this project. And to Robert Jakes, the creator of the Twig Throne. Thankyou for sharing your archives and your story, this project would not have been possible without you.