Photograph courtesy of Sam Lloyd 

I am an artist, researcher, educator and activist, whose practice focuses on the textile industry, in particular; textile waste. 

In my current research I am attempting to detangle the tightly knit problems interwoven into the global textile industry, and explore the intersectional issues of class and environment.

The textile industry is one of the longest and most complicated industrial chains in manufacturing. Through deconstructing and reconstructing textile waste, my work aims to unpick the complexities woven into the textile industry and call to action those responsible.

I am an environmentally focused working class artist, and I intend to generate awareness and action towards issues of global climate change. This socially engaging art practice takes on many forms to encourage, and inspire change from both communities and individuals. Creating sustainable solutions to protect our planet, and changing perspectives through a material practice.

I recently completed the MA Art and Ecology at Goldsmiths, University of London, a programme focussing on exploring all manners of ecological contexts, whilst researching and understanding how ecological challenges such as climate breakdown, are deeply connected with social justice. My artistic research has become strongly rooted in textiles and the injustices and inaccuracies surrounding the textile industry, focusing particularly on recycling and end of life.